How New Technology Can Reduce Injury Risks

How technological advancements can make workplaces safer.

Technological advancements have made major differences in businesses across all industries.  While new tech has made business operations more efficient, they have also made workplaces safer.  In fact, businesses have now utilized technology to reduce injury risks, and lower workers compensation insurance costs.  Here are some of the ways in which technology has been implemented to increase workplace safety.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Job Descriptions

One way that businesses are making their workplaces safer is by using artificial intelligence (AI) to create detailed functional job descriptions.  Creating a database of job descriptions can help employers identify which positions face the greatest degree of risk.  This, in turn, allows employers to make changes to mitigate some of the risks that staff members face.  Additionally, utilizing AI tech to create job descriptions ensures that the descriptions are accurate.  This allows employers to hire candidates who can safely fulfill the basic physical requirements of an open position.  When qualified candidates are hired, this reduces the chance of serious injury in the workplace.

  • Utilizing Data to Make Ergonomic Modifications

Businesses can also use video analysis tools to study the physical demands of various positions.  Based on the analysis, employers can make ergonomic modifications that reduce the amount of physical strain that their employees are subject to.  For instance, there is new software that allows employers to upload video clips of a staff member at work and analyze the footage to identify physical stressors.  The software generates a report documenting the physical strain of workplace tasks and even includes specific details about the effects that this task will have on various body parts over time.  Employers can use this information to modify professional tasks in a way that minimizes the wear and tear it has on their employees’ bodies.

These are some of the ways that business owners can use new technology to prevent employee injuries and reduce workers compensation insurance claims.  Do you have additional questions about mitigating your workers comp risks?  If so, then contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group today.

By PMC Insurance Group

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