How Fit-For-Duty Exams’ Impact on Workers’ Comp

Construction, carpentry, industrial work – what do these fields have in common? They require physical labor from trained workers. Not only that, but these sectors are also the most accident-prone.

Fit-for-duty exams are routine in such industries – or they should be. These exams assess the employee’s physical and mental capability to determine if he/she can safely perform the tasks on site. These exams become more valuable when you consider that they can expedite a workers’ comp claim resolution.

The Need for Fit-for-Duty Exams

When a worker returns to the job after recovering from an injury, the fit-for-duty exam is done to determine if the worker is ready to return. The physical and mental fitness of workers is important in many jobs for various reasons including safety.

Physical fitness is needed for the employees to be able to perform the tasks assigned to them. Similarly, mental fitness ensures that they are fully present and not distracted. According to statistics conducted by Udemy Research, 70% of workers admit to being distracted on the job, which could be very dangerous depending upon your role.

Fit-for-Duty Exams and Workers’ Comp Claims

Since the probability of injuring oneself is high for specific industries, fit-for-duty exams ensure that a worker comes back to work after an injury only when they have recovered completely. It prevents the pre-emptive return of employees that can lead to further injuries, and ultimately higher costs for the company.

As an employer, you want to keep claims to a minimum while also adequately protecting your workers. Fit-for-duty exams can be conducted regularly or periodically if a worker shows some signs of distress; helping to ensure that your teams remain in good health.

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