Listen Up! Here Are Some Awesome Health Benefits of Music.

If you thought pumping up the jams was helpful, you’re right! Check out these health benefits of music.

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that there are health benefits of music. Anyone who has felt sad and tired, only to find that their favorite song turned the day around, knows the power of music. But it turns out it’s not all in your head. There are actual, tangible benefits of listening to music you enjoy. Here are just a few.

It supports sleep.

Sleeplessness is a common problem in our busy world, but one study revealed that people who listened to classical music for 45 minutes before bed got notably better sleep than those who listened to audiobooks or nothing.

It decreases depression.

Feeling down? Turn up the tunes. Another study showed that some types of music (classical and meditative, specifically) helped reduce symptoms of depression.

It slashes stress.

If you’ve left work stressed and pumped up the tunes in your car, you probably already know that music can help mitigate stress. As it turns out, music can help your body cut its production of cortisol, the hormone that makes you feels stressed. This is particularly important since stress is involved in three out of five illnesses and diseases that plague us!

It pushes pain down.

Music not only provides mental health benefits, but it also helps your physical body. Recent research shows that cancer patients who listened to music had less pain than those who received standard treatments sans music therapy. It turns out that music can help you shrink how much pain your body feels!

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