Go Green with These Resources for Your Business

Find out how to help your business go green with these resources.

Business practices vary depending on a variety of factors. From consumer influence to cost-effectiveness, there are a variety of reasons ways to run a business. However, perhaps one practice that appeals to both consumers and your wallet is environmental sustainability. Going green has been a lasting trend that businesses have implemented across the country. When making the decision to incorporate environmental sustainability into your business practices, it’s important that you have the tools to do so. Here are a few resources to help your business go green.

Small Business Association.

When it comes to helping your business go green, the Small Business Association (SBA) can help. The SBA offers a Green Business Guide to help you learn how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices. From commuting tips to marketing tips, this guide is a valuable asset to your business practices.

Environmental Protection Agency.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers various programs to assist businesses in making more eco-friendly decisions. From keeping you informed about the latest rules and regulations to giving you tools to enforce your sustainable practices to offering specific programs like the ENERGY STAR program, can help your business use more environmentally savvy practices.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

When it comes to your operating costs, going green can help you to save money on energy and water. When it comes to reducing your energy usage, using renewable energy can help. Learn more about opting for more sustainable forms of power through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Green Power Network.

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