Get Healthy: Say Goodbye to These Unhealthy Foods

Get healthy this month by cutting out these unhealthy foods.

Staying fit and maintaining a diet is hard work, and no one wants to undo all their effort.  However, many Americans have hidden dangers lurking in their pantries that could derail their diets.  Learn which foods you should cut out of your diet to get healthy and happy.


Juicing is one of the biggest health trends in recent years, and many advocates argue that drinking juice increases their daily intake of fruits and vegetables.  However, juicing fruits and vegetables removes many of their key health benefits.  For instance, juicing removes fiber which plays a huge role in the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Additionally, juices tend to be chock-full of sugar and can be just as bad for you as a glass of soda.

Fat-Free Dressing

Fat-free dressings may seem like a safe bet for your diet.  However, in reality, they might be doing you more harm than good.  When manufacturers remove fat from dressings, they tend to replace it with artificial preservatives and added sugars to improve the taste.  Stick to regular dressings, or better yet, make your own dressing for a healthier alternative.

Red Meat

Recent studies found that red meat is linked to a carcinogen that can increase your chances of cancer.  Beyond this health concern, red meat also contains harmful levels of saturated fat and cholesterol.  Eating red meat more than two times a week can put you at risk for heart disease and other related health issues.  Stick to leaner meats like chicken or fish instead.


While many people consider granola a health food, this sweet, crunchy snack can be dangerous.  Granola contains a ton of calories and fat and usually has a large amount of sugar as well.  As many people tend to over-portion the amount of granola they eat, it might be safer to just avoid this topping.

Get healthy and stay happy by avoiding these dietary dangers!  Also, don’t settle for simply improving your physical health.  Make sure your independent insurance agency has healthy client relations when dealing with challenging accounts.  Contact PMC Insurance Group to Learn how our programs can give your difficult-to -write clients the coverage they need.

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