Four Ways to Protect Delivery Drivers

Four delivery driver safety tips.

Whether delivery drivers are responsible for delivering food, flowers, or packages, they are exposed to certain risks.  It’s important for employers to be proactive about their safety.  Here are some of the safety protocols and precautions that can be implemented to protect delivery drivers.

  • Vehicle Inspections

Before beginning their scheduled routes, delivery drivers should inspect their vehicles.  Beginning with the outside of their vehicles, drivers should verify that their headlights, tail lights, and indicator lights are all working properly.  They should also inspect their tires to ensure that they are properly inflated and free of any punctures.  Once inside their vehicles, it’s important for drivers to check that their mirrors are correctly angled and that they can see out of their windshields, back windows, and side windows.  Conducting this routine inspection every day reduces the chance of drivers breaking down or getting into an accident due to an issue with their delivery vehicles.

  • Defensive Driving Strategies

Delivery drivers that rush from one location to the next, often sacrifice safety for speed. Driving  safely  and defensively should be encouraged.  This means adhering to posted speed limits, respecting right-of-way rules, using indicator lights, and maintaining a safe distance from other drivers.  Additionally, delivery drivers should avoid aggressive driving behaviors such as weaving through traffic, speeding, taking wide turns, and cutting off other motorists.  It seems like common sense, however many drivers don’t adhere to these rules. Being responsible and safe while behind the wheel is the best way to avoid major car accidents.

  • Location Tracking

Delivery drivers often share their real-time locations with supervisors using smartphones or other tracking technologies.  This way, supervisors can quickly locate drivers and dispatch help if drivers experience issues with their vehicles, get into an accident, or experience other problems.

  • Safety Training

Delivery drivers are often targeted for robbery.  To address this threat, basic safety and self-defense training could help.  Drivers can learn to identify potential risks, which  safety tactics to employ, and when to use them.  Drivers should carry cellphones at all times, so they can call for help if necessary, and employers should stress the importance of safety, so drivers do not feel obligated to risk their wellbeing in the name of efficiency.

In addition to these safety suggestions, delivery drivers should be protected with the right workers’ compensation insurance.  For more information or to speak with one of our workers’ compensation insurance experts, contact us at PMC Insurance Group. (877) PMC-COMP or

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