Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Seasonal Workers

From hiring to benefits like worker’s compensation insurance, here’s what your clients should know about hiring seasonal workers.

It’s common for many businesses to hire additional workers during seasonal business spikes.  If your clients are looking to hire seasonal workers, then there are certain laws and regulations that they should be aware of.  From employee training to workers compensation insurance, here’s everything to know about hiring seasonal workers.


If your clients wish to hire seasonal workers, advise them to start interviewing early.  Waiting too long to hire might result in the absence of quality workers.  Additionally, your clients should try to find workers who are familiar or have some experience with their business.  Hiring workers with prior experience can reduce the amount of time spent training and monitoring new workers.  Once your client hires seasonal employees, encourage them to keep their names on file for the next time they need seasonal help.


Once your clients hire seasonal workers, it’s important that they provide workplace safety training.  Some might oppose investing the time and money it takes to train an employee.  However, you should emphasize that a proper training program can reduce the risk of workplace injury and increase employee productivity.  A good safety training program should include the procedures necessary to safely complete a job as well as cover the company’s safety protocols and policies.

Labor Laws

Another thing that your clients need to know is that labor laws still apply to seasonal employees.  This means that harassment, discrimination, and workplace health and safety regulations are still in play.  Additionally, minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor laws should still apply to seasonal workers.


The state determines whether seasonal workers are entitled to unemployment benefits, so make sure you understand the regulations for each client’s state.  Inform your clients that seasonal employees are eligible for social security and Medicare withholding.  Finally, explain that workers compensation insurance applies to full-time and seasonal employees alike.

If your clients are looking to hire seasonal employees, offer them this information.  Additionally, it might be a good idea to remind them that workers compensation insurance is mandatory for any business that employs workers.  To get your clients the insurance coverage they need, contact PMC Insurance Group.  Our worker’s compensation experts can offer you quality and up-to-date insurance for you to sell.

By PMC Insurance Group

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