Why You Should Establish a Strong Safety Culture in the Workplace

Learn how a strong safety culture can prevent losses and improve productivity at your business.

While having the right small business insurance is one way to protect your business against losses associated with a workplace accident, there are other things that you can do to reduce your risk.  For instance, fostering a culture of safety is a great way to ensure that an accident doesn’t derail your small business.  Here are some of the reasons why you should establish a strong safety culture in your workplace.

What is Safety Culture?

Generally, safety culture refers to the atmosphere created by a set of shared beliefs, practices, and norms that revolve around your business’s safety ideals.  In less complicated terms, it is the atmosphere created by your business’s focus on keeping all employees, supervisors, and products safe.

How Does Safety Culture Impact My Business?

When your business fosters a strong sense of safety, then everyone at your company feels compelled to keep your business’s working conditions safe.  Employees are not afraid to speak up when they notice unsafe conditions and behaviors, and they take the necessary steps to address these issues.  This in turn will drastically reduce the risk of workplace accident and injury.  Not only will this cut down on your businesses losses (such as insurance expenses, lawsuits, etc.), but it will also increase your productivity.

How Can I Establish a Safety Culture?

Creating a strong safety culture in the workplace requires the efforts of management, supervisors, and employees.  It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that safety protocols and behaviors are being adhered to.  Building a culture of safety is not a quick process; it requires time, consistency, and patience.  However, those businesses that remain unwavering in their pursuit of safety will ultimately be rewarded as they generally experience fewer losses, have loyal employees, and have increased productivity.

These are some of the reasons why you should make an effort to establish a culture of safety in your workplace.  Want another way to focus on safety?  Then make sure you have the right small business insurance protections in place.  We at PMC Insurance Group are experts on small business insurance and can help you put the proper policies in place.  Contact us today to learn more about getting competitive coverage for your small business clients.

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