Ergonomics for a Comfortable Work Station & Office Chair

A desk job may not sound like the most dangerous job in the world, but day after day, hour after hour of sitting in the same position can actually be a health hazard for employees. 

Many employers believe that a desk job can pose little threat to their employees. After all, the heaviest equipment they deal with on a daily basis is their computer desktop. But after studies on the ergonomics of the office space, new evidence suggests that sitting down for prolonged periods of time can have adverse effects on the health of employees. Here are great tips on how to keep employees’ health optimal and increase the ergonomics for a comfortable work station and office chair.

For employees:

  1. Keep Posture in Mind – Sit as close to the desk as you possibly can with the upper part of your arms directly perpendicular to the floor. Don’t slouch, keep your spine straight and rest your hands on the surface of your desk. Your legs should also be bent at 90 degrees (downwards). If they are not, adjust your chair accordingly.
  2. Adjust the Height of the Screen – Once your body has found the perfect ergonomic position, you need to consider your head and neck. Close your eyes and casually look forward. Open your eyes. They should be pointing directly at the center of the screen. If you find your eyes don’t meet the center, adjust your screen so that it does. If you bend your neck up or down to look at your computer screen, you may find your neck to be sore.
  3. Armrests Should Be Comfortable – In order to reduce neck and shoulder strain, your armrests should be comfortable. You need to adjust your armrests to point in the direction where your arms are slightly lifted at the shoulders. This will remove the weight off your shoulders and support only the elbow.
  4. Stand-Up Desk – Sitting can have negative consequences, but standing up and using your leg muscles every hour or so can cancel the effects of sitting down. Many of the same rules apply to standing: arms hanging straight down and bent at 90 degrees, straight spine, and head facing forward.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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