Easy Desk Exercises to Do Throughout Your Workday

Do these easy desk exercises to keep your body strong and healthy even if you sit all day.

Just because you work a desk job doesn’t mean you have to have a sedentary workday! Keep yourself healthy by working in some exercise! No, we’re not saying you need to drop and give us 20, but you can squeeze in some fitness without ever leaving your desk. Here are a few easy desk exercises you can do on your next conference call.

Leg lifts.

Sit up straight without leaning on your backrest. Lift one leg off the ground about three inches and hold, tightening your leg muscles. Repeat with the other leg. Do as many sets as feel comfortable. You’ll be working your quadriceps (the large thigh muscle group), which can help your stability, balance, and even your circulation.

Seated Pushups

If your chair is on wheels, sit up straight with your chest a few inches from your desk. Grab your desk with your hands shoulder width apart. Push yourself out until your arms are extended, then pull yourself back to the starting position. Do about 10 to 15 seated pushups to work your triceps, biceps, shoulder, chest, and core.

Glute Tightening

You can do this one anywhere, around anyone! Sit up straight in your chair with your feet flat. Tighten your glutes and hold for 10 seconds. Release and repeat 10 times. This exercise can actually help you improve your posture and reduce the likelihood of lower back injury.

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