Encouraging Eco-Friendly Behaviors in Your Workplace

Try out these tips to establish an environmentally friendly office.

In recent years, the movement to “go green” has encouraged people across America to adopt more eco-friendly behaviors and practices.  Recently, many businesses have also taken the plunge, investing in renewable energy (such as solar panels) and making a concerned effort to reduce their waste.  Interested in creating an environmentally friendly office for your employees?  Then here are some easy ways your business can go green.

  • Reduce Paper Waste

One way your business can be kinder to the environment is by making an effort to reduce the amount of paper you discard.  One way to accomplish this feat is by printing only when absolutely necessary.  Instead of printing out paper copies of documents to file away, consider storing documents in a digital library.  Not only will this reduce the amount of paper you go through, but it will also keep your files more organized and easily accessible.  Additionally, instead of printing out fliers and reminders to post around your office, simply send out company-wide emails to remind your employees of important dates/events.  Finally, instead of printing out physical copies of reports and projects, send everyone a digital copy to ensure that paper isn’t wasted around your office.

  • Promote Recycling

Another way to make your office more eco-friendly is by encouraging your employees to recycle whenever possible.  For instance, you can recycle the usual items such a s paper goods, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, and so on.  But keep in mind that things like dead batteries, old electronics, broken light bulbs, and a number of other things around your office can be recycled as well.

  • Adjust Your Temperature and Switch Off Your Lights

Another way to reduce your business’s energy consumption is by adjusting your thermostat and making an effort to turn off lights and electronic appliances whenever possible.  This winter, you might want to blast your heater to create a warm, cozy escape from the freezing temperatures outside.  However, using this much energy increases your business’s carbon foot print.  To be more environmentally friendly, you should try to keep your temperature at about 65° F.  Additionally, whenever you leave a room or leave the office for the night, switch off all the lights and turn off all non-essential electrical equipment.  For instance, printers, lamps, and computers should be shut off at the end of the workday,

Try out these tips to create a more environmentally friendly office for your small business.  If your clients are looking to get their small businesses covered, then turn to the experts at PMC Insurance Group.  We are experts on small business insurance and can help you put the proper policies in place.  Contact us today to learn more about getting competitive coverage for your small business clients.

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