Most Common Workplace Accidents

The workplace is supposed to be a space for productivity and profits, not accidents and lawsuits. One should work to prevent and avoid these common workplace accidents. 

Serious workplace injuries are far too common in the U.S. and around the world. 4,405 workers died while on the job in 2013, and millions more suffered a serious, non-fatal injury. Each day in the United States, thirteen people go to work and never return to their loved ones. 3.3 million people suffer a workplace injury from which they may never recover. Your employees are your most valuable asset, and when it comes to protecting them knowledge is power. Here are the most common workplace injuries all business owners should know to keep their business safe.

  • Slipping & Tripping – Humans are clumsy creatures. A couple of the most common causes of workplace injuries are slipping and tripping. Employees need to know what is going on around them at all times in order to ensure they see everything that lies in front of them. If they have their head down, eyes pointed to the screen of their smartphone or tablet (even if used for work purposes) can lead to a very nasty accident.
  • Repetitive Motion Injury – When one thinks of injuries, immediate injury is what comes to most people’s mind. The idea of an injury taking months, or even years to develop does not cross most people’s minds, but repetitive motions like typing or tuning can strain muscles and tendons which can cause pain of the back, shoulders, wrists, fingers, and more.
  • Machine-Based Injuries – When we refer to machine injuries, we are not referring to artificial intelligence and the robotic takeover, we speak of injuries with everyday equipment when no precaution is taken–usually at places where heavy equipment and machinery are used. The proper safety equipment, training, and attention to detail are crucial in order to avoid such accidents.
  • Violent Acts (On the Job) – Some people experience trouble when trying to keep their emotions in check, which can lead to assault. Workplace violence employee training and employee diligence in watching out for suspicious activities can help keep these violent outbreaks at bay.
  • Vehicle Accidents – If your employee has to drive for work and gets into an accident, their auto insurance policy will not kick in because their accident was work-related. Furthermore, it is your company that will likely be liable to not only pay for the damage your employee may have caused, but also any damage that was done to them.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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