Small Business Owners: Check Out These Chrome Extensions

Between these Google Chrome Extensions and the right small business insurance in MA, you can give your accounts tools to thrive.

If you sell small business insurance in MA, you know that each of your clients’ insurance needs are as unique as the businesses they own. It can be tough, then, to dig out resources that will be universally helpful. But we’ve found one! In our digital age, everyone uses the internet, and these Google Chrome Extensions can help your small business clients do just that – only better.

  • Momentum. Momentum will take over your clients’ offices (in a good way). This is a fantastic and beautifully simple extension. It replaces the dull new tab screen with a to-do list, motivational quotes, focus reminders, weather, and more laid over stunning imagery.
  • Toggl. Another productivity booster, Toggl can help you keep on track so you can avoid wondering where the day went at 5 o’clock. It’s just a button that tracks time, but it’s a powerful tool. It can also help you clients keep track of time working on specific projects, making it easier to bill for those hours.
  • Honey. Do your clients make online purchase for this business? Honey could be money in their pocket. This extension automatically searches for all available discounts and coupons and applies them at checkout.
  • AdBlock. There’s just no reason to be distracted by pop-ups throughout your workday. And with this extension, your clients can finally put an end to those unwanted extra windows and tabs. It’s also easy to disable for certain pages if you do want to see popups.

Are you looking for other ways to offer better service to your accounts? Contact PMC Insurance Group to learn more about the products and programs we offer agencies who sell small business insurance in MA. We’ve designed a wealth of resources to support independent insurance agencies just like you!

By PMC Insurance Group

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