A Transformational Leader’s Guide to Success

Mindset is the most integral attitude required to achieve success. Having the right mindset can help guide leaders in a number of ways including implementing a business transformation, finding a new realm of possibilities when times are tough, and/or rallying employees around a vision and business plan.

One challenge many leaders struggle with is striking the right balance between their transformational and transactional roles. What exactly does that mean and how can one’s mindset impact those roles?

What’s a Transactional Leader?

A transactional leader is someone who emphasizes the regimented and routine practices of the business. They invest more time in ensuring the optimal functioning of business proceedings.

What’s a Transformational Leader?

A transformational leader is someone who manages and enhances growth within their team. They prioritize improvement and growth in individuals over day-to-day operations.

How Transformational Leaders Grow theirBusiness

Find a Purpose

Employees working without passion will never operate at peak productivity levels. However, motivating employees or better yet, teaching them how to motivate themselves by finding a sense of purpose from deep within themselves will help you get the results you desire.

Produce Momentum

Transformational leaders know that progress is the key to gaining momentum and momentum is a game changer. Recognizing progress – even small steps forward – helps employees feel a sense of accomplishment which in turn creates energy and momentum.

Training and Development

Training and development one of the best business growth ideas as it eradicates the minimalist mindset and can help to push employees outside of their comfort level toward new ways of thinking and higher standards.

Stay Focused

There are the big things that need to get done and sometimes overwhelming high demands that burden your employees by taking up a lot of time with little impact.  Reprioritizing projects on a regular basis helps them to stay focused on the important tasks at hand.

Build Trust

When you praise your employees for their work and dedication, a feeling of trust and confidence grows. This feeling, when put to good use, can help drive your business’ growth and productivity.

8 Qualities of a Transformational Leader

A transformational leader has key qualities such as knowing what changes need to be made, having an ability to stimulate thinking, knowing how to engage others to participate and more. Read about the 8 Qualities of a Transformational Leader.

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