Taking a Call? Use These Tips for Cell Phone Safety While Driving

Avoid the dangers of being on your cell and driving with this guide.

In our busy age, we all want to maximize our time. We squeeze every minute out of the day by emailing while we’re in the checkout line, video conferencing into that meeting you couldn’t quite make it to physically, and (of course) talking on our cell while driving. The issue is that cell phone use behind the wheel presents some very serious hazards. Keep yourself – and others on the road – safe by using these cell phone safety tips when you’re driving.

  • Hands off! Not only is driving without using a hands-free system illegal in some states, it’s just silly. Even a pair of headphones with a mic on the cord is enough to have a great conversation while keeping both hands on the wheel. Figure out what kind of hands-free system works best for you – be it a simple pair of headphones or your car’s sophisticated speakerphone option – and use it.
  • No, you hang up first. Just because you can talk in the car doesn’t mean you always should. If you’re getting into a hairy traffic situation or the skies open up with buckets of rain, don’t try to power through it. These hazardous situations require your full attention, so end your call and focus up.
  • Know thy phone. Your phone has a wealth of options that make it easier to keep your eyes on the road. Have Siri dial for you, let Google look up the number, and familiarize yourself with other ways you can use your phone as a personal secretary, freeing you up to focus on driving safely.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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