How Staffing Agencies Can Save on Workers’ Compensation Costs

Steps that staffing agencies can take to save on workers’ compensation coverage. Because temporary staffing agencies have such a unique employment model, they require specialized attention when it comes to their workers’ compensation insurance.  However, with ongoing maintenance of employee information and careful work placements, it’s possible to maximize the coverage offered by workers’ compensation Read More

Take These Steps to Reduce Your Staffing Agency’s Workers Comp Costs

Don’t overspend on your workers compensation insurance. If you run a temporary staffing agency, then managing your workers comp coverage can be difficult.  Because the number and types of employees working for you are constantly changing, securing comprehensive coverage that you can actually afford seems nearly impossible.  Fortunately, there are some things that you can Read More

Suggestions for Working with Multiple Staffing Agencies

Does it pay to work with more than one staffing agency at a time? As a business owner, filling vacancies in your company can be a daunting task.  If you need to fill a position quickly, then you might consider seeking help from multiple staffing agencies.  However, before you employ more than one staffing agency Read More

Why it Pays to Rely on a Specialized Staffing Agency

Here are some of the benefits associated with using a specialized staffing agency to fill company vacancies As a business owner working in a specialized industry, it can be difficult to find the perfect employee to fill a vacancy in your business.  To make matters worse, hiring a bad egg can result in lost time, Read More

How Can My Staffing Agency Reduce Its Workers Comp Insurance Costs?

Following this three-step process can help you save on your workers comp expenses. When it comes to insurance, workers compensation is perhaps the largest cost that your staffing agency will face.  Luckily, there are steps that you can take to keep your agency’s coverage costs under control.  Want to save on workers compensation insurance for Read More

Essential Workers Compensation Management Tips for Your Start-Up Staffing Agency

Workers comp management tips for staffing agencies that are just starting out. Workers compensation insurance for staffing agencies is difficult and confusing to begin with.  However, if you are trying to secure this type of coverage for a start-up staffing agency, then things can get even more confusing.  Because they do not have a prior Read More

3 Can’t-Miss Types of Insurance for Your Staffing Agency

Keep your employment or staffing agency safe with these three essential insurance policies. The services that staffing agencies supply open them up for some major liability risks.  Because a staffing agency operates as the middleman between employers and employees, they have obligations to both parties.  If something goes wrong on either end, then your staffing Read More

Advice for Hiring Employees and Contractors

Here are some tips to help your business hire employees and contractors. When it comes time for your business to hire a new team member, it’s important that you know the dos and don’ts of hiring and understand how each new hire affects your business.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s important that you understand the differences Read More