How Increased Online Sales Has Impacted Logistics and Last Mile Delivery

Ecommerce enables retailers to reach a wide range of customers online, and it has been growing steadily over the past few years as it affords hundreds of millions of consumers the convenience of purchasing items online. COVID-19 has only accelerated this demand for online products, and in 2020, e-commerce sales in the U.S. rose 31.7% Read More

How to Decrease Stress in Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

The corona virus disease outbreak has impacted almost every group of people in every nation across the globe, causing a significant amount of anxiety. To a larger or lesser extent, the changes to our daily routines and lifestyles have impacted our well being. Certain factors put some groups at an increased risk of experiencing high-level Read More

Temp Staffing Workers’ Comp Success Story

PMC StaffPRO3 All markets declined due to the pandemic, however PMC goes the extra mile to qualify the submission — Wins the deal! Client:  Medical temp. staffing firm that places nurses in nursing homes Success Story: Initially all carriers declined requests due to the nursing home exposure. One of our carriers is currently considering medical temp Read More

4 Things to Know When Reopening Your Business

The global health outbreak may continue for a while, so the government has allowed selective industries to function by preparing their workplaces for COVID-19. If you are reopening your business during the pandemic, here are some things to consider: How a COVID-19 Outbreak Can Affect Workplaces Commerce Pattern Changes: The demand for personal protection equipment Read More

How to Get PPP Loan Forgiveness

PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) is designed to provide incentives for small businesses. This scheme offers significant support for small businesses to survive during the pandemic. A business can benefit from a 1% interest on a loan paid in 2 years, with no additional pre-payment or borrower fees. The PPP loans can be forgiven either fully Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your CAB Score

Your CAB score as a motor carrier is tremendously important to insurance companies. This score is generated by the Central Analysis Bureau (CAB), which has been providing this data for over seven decades. As a transportation research firm, CAB collects millions of data points on carriers then calculates a rating that reflects risk. High scores Read More

Why Is It Essential to Implement a Drug Testing Program in the Workplace?

A corporate drug testing program is essential to establish a drug-free, healthy, and safe work environment. It helps in avoiding substance abuse and impairment on the job. Such issues may lead to absenteeism, employees’ compensation claims, increased insurance premiums, higher employee turnover, decreased employee efficiency, and an increase in accidents. Companies should implement a corporate Read More

Last-Mile Delivery: Best Practices for an Effective Strategy

With the rise of eCommerce and Information Technology (IT) in recent years, logistics companies are expected to deliver packages within days. Several logistics companies have realized this and are even offering same-day deliveries. One aspect in common between these companies is that they implement best practices through a robust and strengthened last-mile delivery infrastructure. Last-mile Read More