Capitalize on Increased Air Travel with Aviation Workers’ Compensation

In 2020, commercial airplanes in the U.S. had 1.81 fatal accidents for every one million flights. While this number is relatively low, you should take all the necessary measures to protect your aviation workers, including carrying the right aviation workers’ compensation insurance. This is especially important because as the demand for business travel ramps up across the U.S., airlines will likely employ more workers. In turn, increasing the risk of employee injuries and illness, especially because the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat. Below is some more information about aviation workers’ compensation insurance.

Why Aviation Workers’ Comp Is Necessary, Especially Now

According to the U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), Americans make more than 400 million long-distance business trips every year. Unfortunately, the onset of the pandemic in March 2020 led to a massive cessation of movement with travel restrictions in most states.
According to commercial airlines, corporate trips decreased by 70% or more compared to pre-pandemic levels. Even so, with most states lifting the COVID-19 restrictions due to mass vaccinations, most airlines are now set to resume operations, and this means that the number of business trips will also go up soon.

If you’re planning to reopen your aviation business, the best way to protect your employees and have peace of mind is to carry enough aviation workers’ compensation insurance for them. Take note that while your aircraft may not necessarily crash, your aviation workers can contract illnesses onboard or experience non-flight-related injuries, such as falling down a flight of stairs at the airport. Considering how the risk will likely increase when you resume operations, protect your business from losses, lawsuits, and bad reputation by buying workers’ comp insurance.

Flight Resumption Statistics

• Out of the 50 largest corporate accounts at American Airlines Group Inc., 47 intend to resume this year and have already opened their offices.

• High-profile annual events, including the TED Conference, will be resuming this summer, and this means that high-profile people will have to fly to attend them.

• More small businesses expect to have travel expenses in place within 6 months.

• Most companies are now allowing their employees to travel for business.

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)has allowed fully vaccinated people to go without wearing masks, and this has reduced the fear among travelers.

• The National Veterinary Associates that operate pet-related businesses all over the world is now set to resume travels.

• Business revenues for most commercial airlines are improving.

Non-Aviation Workers’ Compensation

Apart from commercial airlines, airline service companies, and airline operators, workers’ compensation is also necessary for non-aviation classes of businesses that own aircraft and have professional flight crews on their payroll. For instance, if you run a consultancy firm and own a private jet with the flight crew on your staff, you should also carry the right aviation workers’ compensation coverage. Workers’ compensation insurance for non-aviation business employees is usually referred to as bizjet insurance or corporate jet insurance. It basically provides coverage for your flight crew for injuries and sicknesses that may occur during corporate flights. This in turn, greatly saves your business finances and reputation.

Take advantage of the increased air travel by purchasing the right aviation workers’ compensation insurance for your aviation employees. To learn more about protecting your business and employees with a customized workers’ compensation insurance policy, contact our PMC Insurance Group experts today at 781-449-7744 or

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