How Your Business Can Benefit from Employee Wellness Programs

Learn how focusing on employee wellness can help your small business.

Did you know that offering employee wellness programs could increase productivity and reduce losses, including the cost of workers compensation insurance claims?  While many small businesses do not have the funds to launch a major employee wellness campaign, your company can still benefit from making smaller changes.  Here are some tips for fostering employee wellness and how these changes will benefit your business.

Offer Healthy Snacks

One easy way to foster employee wellness is by restocking your kitchen with fresh, healthy foods and beverages.  When your employees are busy, they often eat whatever they can their hands on.  This normally means eating greasy fast food or relying on the sugary, fatty snacks available in the company vending machine.  However, by offering nutritious foods and beverages, you can help your employees maintain a healthy diet.  This in turn will lower your employees’ chances of developing health issues such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and so on.

Promote a Company-Wide Exercise Resolution

While it’s unlikely that your small business can afford to offer your employees gym memberships, there are other ways that you can encourage them to get enough exercise.  For instance, you can start a company running club, where your employees meet up after work or on the weekends to walk, jog, or run together.  Additionally, you can encourage your employees to exercise by establishing a company weight-loss competition.  Offer a prize, such as extra vacation days, for the employees that make the most improvement in their health.  By encouraging your employees to get the exercise they need, you can help them improve their health and cut back on the costs associated with their health issues.

Take Advantage of Your Flexibility

As a small business, you have the ability to be flexible with your employees.  Let your employees take off work for health-related issues.  For instance, if an employee has to leave work for a doctor’s appointment, you should encourage them to go.  Additionally, if an employee is starting to get sick, then give them the opportunity to work from home.  This will prevent them from spreading their illness to the rest of your staff.  By being flexible with your employees, you can ensure that they are taking better care of their health.  This in turn will reduce your losses and increase your workplace productivity.

These are some of the ways that employee wellness initiatives can benefit your small business.  Remember, wellness programs cannot completely mitigate the risk of an employee injury or illness.  That’s why it’s so important to have the proper workers compensation insurance protections in place.  If you have clients looking to get the right workers comp insurance for their business, then turn to the team at PMC Insurance Group.  Our insurance experts can assist you with a wide variety of coverage options available to your clients.  Contact us for more information.

By PMC Insurance Group

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