Building a Superb Cleaning Services Contract

If your cleaning service clients often have trouble agreeing with customers, getting a cleaning services contract will be a great help.

If your clients are just starting a cleaning service company or they have been serving clients for years, they can benefit by adding some simple contracts–if they aren’t already using them. This is because having agreements in writing can help settle disputes with clients and payments. Cleaning contracts don’t have to be filled with confusing legal words and terms. They can be in plain English and will do the trick. Here are ways in which your clients can build a superb cleaning services contract.

  1. Your contact information and license number. Adding this to contracts can help keep track of clients and make billing more efficient, and gives customers an easy way to reach the cleaning service if they have any questions regarding the contract they will be signed or already have signed.
  2. Prices per service. To avoid any confusion regarding the final billing and to ensure that the cleaning service and their clients are on the same page. Saying one thing over the phone will not be enough, especially if their client tries to be sneaky and say they agreed on a lesser price.
  3. Detailed list of the services that were ordered and what is provided. This part of the contract should highlight the services that will be provided. Record the number of times each service will be performed per month or week. These records help clear up any miscommunications about what the organization and its clients initially agreed upon.

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By PMC Insurance Group

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