Benefits of a Client Service Model on the Home Healthcare Industry

Why home healthcare companies thrive under a client service business model.

While all businesses face challenges when it comes to customer service, it’s infinitely more difficult for companies that work in home healthcare.  In home healthcare, the patient undeniably always comes first; however, this does not always mean that they are right.  Additionally, those in the home healthcare sector are also serving their patients at the most vulnerable moment in their lives and must deal with intense emotions from their patients as well as their loved ones.  However, despite the challenges that home healthcare workers face, there is value to organizing companies under a client-based model.  Here’s why home healthcare companies thrive under a client service business model.

In an interview, Dr. James Merlino, Chief Medical Officer for Strategic Consulting for Press Ganey Associates, explained some of the findings from a study of over 3.5 million medical practice encounters.  In response to the question, “What makes people recommend either their doctor or practice?” three main answers were identified.  Patients stated that “confidence in their provider; teamwork from the clinicians; and whether providers and staff showed concern for their worries” were their main drivers.

While the first two points have to do with good medical training and staff communication, the third point relates to a healthcare provider’s ability to offer compassionate service.  For those in the home healthcare business, these customer responses demonstrate that patient experience is just as important as actual medical qualification and service.

In an attempt to grow and improve, many home healthcare businesses focus on innovation and more advanced technology; however, it’s vital that home healthcare companies do not forget that patient service is the heart of their business.  While new technology can elevate a business, this only works if the company is focused on patient care and knows how to leverage new tech for the benefit of their patients.

The main takeaway here is that home healthcare is anchored in patient care and wellbeing, and the companies who prioritize the needs of their patients will always perform better than those that do not.  This is why home healthcare companies thrive under a client service business model.  Want another way to set your home healthcare business up for success?  Then make sure it is protected by the right insurance.  For assistance with all your commercial coverage needs, contact the experts at PMC Insurance Group for assistance today.

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