Affordable Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Increasing office health doesn’t have to mean increasing your budget. Use these tips to create healthier employees at low cost.

You want to create a healthy workplace. You know that healthier employees have higher productivity and support better workplace morale. But your independent insurance agency may not have a bunch of excess cash to throw around to build extensive health programs. Fear not! Here are four ways to create healthier employees at low cost.

  • Walk the talk. If it’s a sunny day, consider holding your team meeting somewhere other than the conference room. Walking meetings give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and change up the scenery, which can spark new ideas. Plus, a 2011 study found that just 15 minutes of exercise per day, even just a brisk walk, can add up to three years to your life!
  • Make space for shots. Encourage your team to get properly vaccinated, and consider offering paid time off to take an hour and get the necessary shots. Imagine how much you could slash sick days if everyone in your office got the flu shot!
  • Wholesale it. Instead of grabbing office snacks as you need them, make it a point to schedule a bi-monthly or monthly trip to your local wholesale club. The money you’ll save buying in bulk might make it possible to invest in healthier snack options like nuts, granola, or even fresh fruit!
  • Host a potluck. Every once in a while, host a healthy potluck at the office. Have everyone bring a healthy dish and you’ll ensure that your employees are eating at least one nutritious meal that day.

So your independent insurance agency can focus on supporting a healthy office and serving its client, let us help you deal with any challenging accounts. Contact PMC Insurance Group to learn how our programs can give your difficult-to-write clients the coverage they need.


By PMC Insurance Group

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