A Look into Workers’ Comp for Trucking Companies

Understanding the workers’ comp landscape for the trucking industry.

With the demand for transportation services once again on the rise, the trucking industry is experiencing steady growth.  While this is a welcome change from the recession that hit the industry hard, expansion brings its own set of issues to contend with.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the trucking industry experiences more work-related injuries and illnesses than even the construction, mining, and manufacturing industries.  With such a high rate of on-the-job injuries and ailments, trucking companies need more than workers’ comp options to help curtail costs. Strong safety programs and return-to-work programs can help.

Workers’ Comp Return-to-Work Programs Help Trucking

Risk management protocols such as comprehensive employee training programs and stricter safety policies are important measures to put in place. However, since trucking employees operate on the open roads—which provide some of the most variable conditions and uncontrolled environments possible—accidents and injuries are inevitable.

Trucking companies can take steps to reduce costs with loss control services by choosing a workers’ comp carrier that has a good return-to-work program.  Research shows that 94% of workers compensation insurance costs stem from time-off claims. Minimizing employee absences will help keep insurance costs as low as possible.

Return-to-work programs allow injured employees to fill modified positions, so they can continue working in some capacity as they recover.  Also, employees that can remain engaged in some kind of work tend to be out for shorter periods of time.

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