Common Things that Businesses Forget When Training Employees

Make sure you remember these oft overlooked training essentials. When you hire a new employee, it’s important that you offer them training.  Without it, your employees might be unprepared for their new role and they will be more prone to make mistakes and get into a workplace accident.  As you train your new hires, it’s Read More

Festive Recipe for Saint Patrick’s Day

Whip up this festively green recipe to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s Day is nearly here!  While most people celebrate this holiday by donning their favorite green clothing, you should take your celebration to the next level by serving up this festively green recipe. Green Pea Pesto Penne with Shrimp Ingredients: 1 454 Read More

Insurance Coverage for Businesses on the Move

Find out what types of insurance you need if your business relies on travel. If your own your own small business, then having certain small business insurance policies are a no brainer.  For instance, having policies such as commercial property and business liability insurance just makes sense.  However, what kind of coverage do you need Read More

Advice for Hiring Employees and Contractors

Here are some tips to help your business hire employees and contractors. When it comes time for your business to hire a new team member, it’s important that you know the dos and don’ts of hiring and understand how each new hire affects your business.  Perhaps most importantly, it’s important that you understand the differences Read More

What you need to know about PMC Insurance Group.

Learn a little bit more about what PMC Insurance Group has to offer. Since 1996, PMC Insurance Group has always been dedicated to helping independent agents improve their marketing capabilities by offering them competitive workers compensation products and other programs to appeal to a wide range of businesses. Serving over 1,000 independent agents in over Read More

Why You Should Establish a Strong Safety Culture in the Workplace

Learn how a strong safety culture can prevent losses and improve productivity at your business. While having the right small business insurance is one way to protect your business against losses associated with a workplace accident, there are other things that you can do to reduce your risk.  For instance, fostering a culture of safety Read More

How Your Business Can Benefit from Employee Wellness Programs

Learn how focusing on employee wellness can help your small business. Did you know that offering employee wellness programs could increase productivity and reduce losses, including the cost of workers compensation insurance claims?  While many small businesses do not have the funds to launch a major employee wellness campaign, your company can still benefit from Read More

Risks Your Small Business Faces When It’s Understaffed

Protect your small business from these risks. While having the right small business insurance is a great way to protect against many risks, did you know that many risks can be mitigated by simply having enough employees on staff?  While many business owners might not realize it, they are putting their company at risk every Read More