Renewing Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance? Check the 3 Rs

While workers’ compensation insurance is required by law, businesses should not blindly renew their policies. Workers’ compensation insurance should never be an automatic renewal. Even though businesses are required by law to have a policy for their employees, businesses have an opportunity to streamline costs and methodology, but only if they ask the right questions. There Read More

Top HR Risks for Businesses and How to Avoid Them

Human Resources (HR) is there to make sure that your company does not get into legal trouble, but there are a few obstacles that may stand in their way. HR is there to help businesses keep out of trouble. They are the Hall Monitors of the business world, only instead of telling kids not to Read More

Benefits to Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation

Pay as you go workers’ compensation is headed towards the standard of the business world, but why is that? Pay as you go workers’ compensation is becoming more and more popular in the business universe. This is partly due to the array of benefits it can provide to a number of companies. The old way of Read More

End-of-the-Year Financial Checklist

The end of the year allows us to reflect on our whole year and offer the opportunity for change and improvements, your clients’ businesses are no exception. This is around the time of year where nostalgia hits everyone and they prepare for champagne toasts, the ritual singing of Auld Lang Syne, and the countdown to Read More

Workers’ Compensation Audits

When it comes to workers’ compensation in MA and your clients, make sure that they know everything about audits. There’s nothing more annoying than your client having to pay an additional fee after a policy year has been expired. There are a number of reasons why this happens and they all have to do with Read More

How You Can Accelerate the Growth of Your Stalled Home Care Agency

You have put countless hours into making your home care agency great and the growth isn’t what you expected. Here’s how you can accelerate that growth. Every business goes through dips in growth, but if your home care agency’s slowdown has lasted more than a few months, your growth may be stalled and you need Read More

What You Want to Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Should you accept the benefits of workers’ compensation insurance from your employer? Workers’ compensation insurance is something that you may have received from a previous employer, but many employees don’t give much thought to this kind of insurance. While workers’ comp may benefit some, it could be a big mistake for others. Here are things Read More